Best Tips and Tricks for great 5D Ultrasound Pictures

4 Tips For Great Ultrasound Pictures

Preparing for your scan is the best way to increase the likelihood that you’ll get great ultrasound images at your scan. Many women have special rituals they do before a scan, some stranger than others, but different things work for different people. We once heard that a bag of peas on your tummy can help you get clearer images, but we’ve also heard that if you eat lots of sweets while pregnant you’ll have a girl. With so much strange information floating around, we decided to compile a list of tips and tricks for increasing your chances of getting a great quality scan. These tips are from actual science and not from someone’s great aunt!

Our ultrasound scans are a great experience for expectant families and we want to help you make the most of it. Following these tips should give you a better chance at some super clear images. Good ultrasound imaging quality is especially important during Gender Determination scans because extra clarity gives extra accuracy.

Extra clarity is also great for 3D/4D 5D Ultrasound Scans, allowing us to get the enviable crystal-clear images of your baby.

Many factors can influence the quality of the scan images, including:

  • Dehydration, as this makes your amniotic fluid cloudy
  • BMI, a higher Body Mass Index may cause the ultrasound signals to be weakened
  • Your baby’s position if they are facing inwards
  • Your baby’s activity level, if they are reluctant to move into a better position

Sometimes your baby will not be in the mood to put on a show, regardless of how much gentle encouragement we give them, but don’t worry, if we can’t determine the baby’s gender we’ll try again one week later free of charge.


One of the main advantages of having an ultrasound in our private clinic is having the extra time to try to get the best images possible. We want your experience to be as special as possible and we know that the main thing that will make it memorable is achieving super clear images of your baby. These are some of our top tips for helping us to achieve super clear images:


I know, I know, you’re sick of people always saying this! But, it’s really important for clear ultrasound images. The more hydrated you are, the clearer your amniotic fluid will be. When you are dehydrated your amniotic fluid is cloudy which distorts the images produced by the ultrasound. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 liters of water per day during pregnancy. If you try to meet this goal every day for two weeks leading up to your scan, then you’ll give yourself a good chance at getting crystal clear scan images. If you’re pressed for time or forgot, it’s suggested you up the water intake MINIMUM 24 hours prior.

Miracle View Ultrasound

suggests the above water intake and reminds customers that this is a once-in-a-lifetime capture moment, so drink your water for the best shots!  WATER WATER WATER


If the idea of drinking 2 liters of water per day seems like an impossible goal (the tummy area is pretty crowded right now) then try to incorporate foods that have a high water content such as cucumber and watermelon.

Unfortunately, as you know, an increase in water means an increase in bathroom trips. However, your constantly full bladder can be useful during your scan. Your full bladder helps to move the uterus up and the bowel away, resulting in better scan images. Keep in mind, when we say “full” we don’t mean bursting! Your abdomen will be lightly pressed during the scan and you may feel uncomfortable if your bladder is too full. Usually, though, good hydration over time without a full bladder will still produce great shots.

2)  Eat Or Don’t Eat Before Your Scan?

There are a lot of foods that people might tell you are the “secret” to ensuring your baby is active during your scan. The popular suggestions include fizzy drinks, sweets, caffeine, or high protein foods. All of these suggestions stem from one thing: a rise in blood sugar levels. Even before your baby is born they can get a sugar rush which makes them energized and more likely to move around a lot. However, your blood sugar rises after meals and snacks too, so no need to eat lots of junk before your scan if you don’t want to. We have found that some of the best things that have worked are things like Jamba Juice / Slushies, Orange Juice, and/or really cold drinks. Start having them when you’re about 10 minutes from your appointment time.

Bananas are especially good as a snack before your scan as they are high in natural sugars which will gently boost your baby’s energy rather than a big boost of energy all at once.

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3)  Pay Attention To Your Baby’s Routine

Many babies have a routine even before they are born. You might notice that your baby is very active in the evening, but very still in the morning time. Once you identify a pattern, try to schedule your scan when your baby is most active. This alone can be a difference-maker!

You may find that your baby is most active when you are not active. This is because your movement usually rocks the baby to sleep, then when you stop moving around they wake up. With this in mind, take some time to do nothing before your scan, if possible.

4)  Relax

You’ll be in the best possible environment to bond with your unborn baby, we’ll work with you to get the best possible images and videos. Keep in mind, when you have a private ultrasound scan the emphasis is on you getting an opportunity to bond with your baby. You will be free from the usual hectic atmosphere from the doctor’s office (turn over can be their focus many times) and you can just focus on your baby in our comfortable relaxing environment. You can just lie down and let our amazing staff do what they do best.

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